LearnLux: How Do We Help Employees Become More Financially Resilient During Challenging Times?

Rebecca Liebman, CEO, LearnLuxRebecca Liebman, CEO
Let’s face it: our employees bring a lot more than productivity, expertise, and creativity to work with them each day. Many also bring anxieties and stress about their money, security, and financial futures. “We’re all dealing with different perceptions, ideas, and challenges about the money we earn, save, and spend, but one constant is that there often seem to be more questions than answers. As Human Resource professionals, we’re often in a grey area—we want to help our employees strengthen their finance muscles, but we may not be equipped ourselves.”

Enter LearnLux, a workplace financial wellbeing program that’s easy to implement and delivers real results. “By providing trusted guidance on personal finances and benefits, we can help our teams develop straightforward plans to make the most of their income while staying on track to achieve their financial goals,” says Rebecca Liebman, LearnLux’s CEO. LearnLux isn’t another complicated system that’s full of jargon which adds to employees’ stress level about their finances. The digital + human platform’s simplicity is why it works better than anything else out there. Why? They’re not selling new credit cards or one-size-fits-all savings plans and rewards which don’t meet employees where they actually are in life. LearnLux provides digital tools and connects employees with Certified Financial Planners to help them meet their goals and manage money, rather than their money managing them.

LearnLux empowers every employee with easy access to a trusted financial professional available on demand to answer your employees’ questions, no matter how big or small. “In many situations, we find that people struggle to articulate a question, can’t always describe what kinds of challenges are on their mind or quite simply, just don’t even know where to begin asking questions,” says Rebecca.

LearnLux’s high tech, high touch strategy enables employees to build a relationship with a Certified Financial Planner, so they will always have a money expert acting in their best interest

“We’ve removed every barrier by creating a platform that brings the expert to the employee, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Buying a house? Our planners can give you the best advice about what that means for your taxes. Trying to save and invest a little bit each month? LearnLux’s experts will walk you through what your long term goals are and how to get there.”

Expert advice and financial guidance shouldn’t only be accessible to those with a lot of money. “We want everyone to be able to benefit from financial expertise so we can all make the best decisions for ourselves,” adds Rebecca.

LearnLux was born when Rebecca realized that 90 percent of employees had no access to reliable, accessible, and unbiased financial guidance, because in nearly all cases, they don’t meet the income threshold. This means that unless a person is earning a salary that affords plenty of room to save, their access to meaningful help and advice was virtually impossible. HR professionals struggle to fill this void, which only contributes to everyone’s anxiety.

With a lack of understanding of employee benefits and no support from financial experts, most employees live paycheck to paycheck. This makes planning for the future virtually impossible. As the pandemic re-shapes our professional and financial lives, these issues and concerns have only become more pressing. As HR departments address how to help, LearnLux is the solution that empowers everyone because it brings in the financial planning experts that employees need.

“Freeing Human Resource departments from trying to offer financial advice to employees allows us to focus on employee wellbeing and productivity, while knowing we’re offering the best tool to support our teams,” concludes Rebecca. Wondering if LearnLux is right for your workforce? Find more information on their award-winning program at
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Rebecca Liebman, CEO

When employees feel great about their money, their work and wellness can thrive. LearnLux is the leading provider of financial wellbeing that blends holistic digital guidance with Certified Financial Planners™️ to provide independent holistic financial wellness for the modern workplace. Each company we serve enjoys custom lessons, a tailored benefits portal, advanced reporting, and affordable scalability. Our team of CFP®s are true fiduciaries—they never push products or take on personal clients. Our mission? To help employees make financial decisions out of education instead of fear. To learn more about LearnLux, visit